Filing eBIRForms tax returns thru e-mail accounts discontinued

Who among you files tax return thru e-mail as an alternative mode because either you cannot log-in to the eBIRForms system or the eBIRForms package is not working?

Well, bad news for you! Starting August 1, 2015, e-mail submission of tax returns shall no longer be allowed by the BIR to avoid numerous invalid format of BIR Tax Returns were attached by the taxpayers, including e-mails with no attachments. For sure, there are a lot of users filing using the said alternative mode.

Taxpayers will receive the following e-mail message if they continue using the eBlRForms e-mail accounts in submitting their tax returns:

“This tax return submission channel is now unavailable and your submitted tax return will be disregarded. Please download the eBlRForms Package v.5 and follow the procedures per RMC No. 31-2015 to submit your tax returns.”

The solution is in fact in the same messages – use the eBIRForms Package v5. Click here to download.

With this update, taxpayers face again another struggle, but hopefully get used to the system and everything goes well moving forward. And the question is whether are there any bugs remain unaddressed from the previous version that will prevent taxpayers from successfully submitting returns?

There are complaints brought to the social media, but some find it easy to use. We’ll see about that in the coming days when majority of the covered taxpayers file their returns. 🙂

Click this link to download the memo.

5 Responses to "Filing eBIRForms tax returns thru e-mail accounts discontinued"

  1. Philippine Accounting Updates Hi sir, i tried it already but it seems that there is no option for me to click and know if i already have succesfully filed my return. I was still being redirected to internet explorer page that ask for a log-in name and password.

  2. Hi sir, Maybe you know of an alternative option for our case. Until now, we have not receive their log-in user name and password on our e-mail when we pass the requirements for system activation last april 2015 for e-birForms online. During our telecon follow-up with the RDO officer incharge, they told us that our application was already approved and send the log-in name and password last June 18, 2015 on our company's email address but upon checking we did not receive any of that notification. We already check also our boxbe folder on the mail but found nothing. Thay told us to pass a request letter to their admin and scanned copy it then send to the email address of the RDO officer we talked to during the follow-up for her to forward it to the head office of BIR. Then the RDO officer said it depends if the head office will reply rightaway for whatever advise they could give on our concern for they can only send the e-mail once but cannot resend it again. That's why we have been ask to do the said letter and pass it on their admin officer.


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