eBIRForms version 5.1 fast/free download

Nowadays, access to eBIRForms website is very limited and the site is currently frequently offline due to the volume of traffic it receives.

We want to help the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) deliver the eBIRForms v.4.7.07 Offline Package to the covered taxpayers so we are providing you an alternative download link that will surely work for you.  It is saved in Google Drive to ensure that the server is up, working and reliable.

Update: BIR now has eBIRForms Offline Package version 5.1!

Below are the download link:

Click here for version (5.1 recommended)

Click here for version (5.0)

Click here for version 4.7.08

Click here for version 4.7.07 or [ddownload id=”3297″]

When you click the link, the following window will appear.  Just click the download icon as indicated in the screenshot below.



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