SEC Express System launched

Last July 22, 2014, the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) posted in its website an advisory/notice informing the public about the launch of the SEC Express System, an alternative modes of securing copies of documents with the SEC, without having to personally come to the SEC.

The SEC, in this notice, emphasized the need to improve its service to the public, particularly in providing copies of Corporate or Partnership documents as the primary compelling reason they recognize that led to implementing the said system.  The SEC Express System will be operated by an accredited third party service provider, Pilipinas Teleserv, Inc.

The public may access the SEC Express System when requesting for both plain and authenticated copies of the following documents on file of the SEC:

  • Articles of Incorporation/Partnership (original and amended)
  • By-laws (original and amended)
  • General Information Sheet (GIS)
  • Application for Increase/Decrease of Capital Stock
  • Resolution (Minutes)
  • Secretary’s Certificate
  • Board Resolution
  • Registration Data Sheet
  • Other company-related documents

Three (3) options are given to access the SEC Express system, two (2) of which will require additional service and courier fees:

  1. Online Application (with fees)
  2. Call Center Facility (with fees)
  3. By Appointment (free)

Online Application – The public may request for SEC documents through a user-friendly, web-based interface that includes online payment and courier delivery of the requested document/s nationwide.

Call Center Facility – The public may call Hotline Number 737-8888 for requests, mode of payment and courier delivery of the requested document/s nationwide.

By Appointment – The public may schedule an appointment when to go to SEC to make their request for document/s. The request shall then be accommodated at the appointed date and time. A maximum of three (3) documents per appointment shall be accommodated.  One-time request in excess  of three documents shall be referred to the On-line Application and/or Call Center Facility.

Since the Online Application and the Call Center Facility entail cost, the public may opt to personally come to the SEC or avail of By Appointment services without additional costs.

We are personally glad that the Philippine SEC recognize the need of to implement this system especially that the Philippine economy is growing, more and more people are venturing into different businesses and therefore corporations and partnerships are growing in numbers as well. 

So, need to obtain documents from SEC? Try their express system today!

Click here to download the notice issued by the SEC.

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