New Board of Accountancy Chairman and Members

It’s official! the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) Board of Accountancy (BOA) already has its new set of members.  Now that BOA already has it’s members, we expect that the administration of the Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination should be smooth moving forward.  And soon, we should hear the new schedule of the previously postponed May 2014 CPA Board Examination.

As published in the PRC website, following are the members of the BOA:









All of the new members of the BOA have been part of the largest professional services firm in the country, SGV & Co. (a member practice of EY).  Aside from Gerard B. Sanvictores, who is currently a partner at SGV & Co., all had part way from SGV & Co. and already have their own role in various organizations.

Joel L. Tan-Torres and Betty C. Siy-Yap left SGV & Co. in 2008 after being partners for several years while Eliseo A. Aurellado left SGV & Co. in 1979 after spending 9 years with the firm. Joel L. Tan-Torres is currently a partner of Reyes Tacandong & Co.

Now that big names are at BOA who will administer the CPA Board Examination, there could probably changes in the way examinations are conducted, who knows? And since these members also work for different big firms, personal interests, especially on recruiting the best passers, may also be one of the hidden agenda.

Well, as long as they will do their jobs well and within the bounds of law, there is nothing wrong. Let’s just hope that they can immediately address the fixing of schedule of the CPA Board Exam as candidates were already left wondering when will it be conducted.  Although based on the latest response, most of the candidates are glad for the postponement because they have time to prepare, but most are asking when will it be rescheduled.

Take a look at the recent result of our survey:

Mad. It defers my becoming a CPA!26.17%
Glad. I have more time to prepare!48.05%
Frustrated. I am already prepared!12.11%
I don’t really care…3.52%


All we have to do now is wait, set back and relax till the BOA has its new date for the CPA Board Exam. Share your thoughts! 🙂

7 Responses to "New Board of Accountancy Chairman and Members"

  1. I would like to ask the board when will the renewal of my accreditation be released? My application was received last October 2014 and it has been 4 months. Please act on my request. Thank you and good luck.

  2. Alfredo Lucido Belmonte · Edit

    congrats to the new board members. i would like to ask the new board to act on the renewal of my accredition as a practicing cpa, which has been pending for approval since May 2014. thank you for your action. more power to you.


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