Gusto mo bang umuwi ng alas nwebe? (Frozen – busy season version)


We, accountants and auditors, always have busy days specially now that it is “busy season” as we call it rushing the finalization of the financial statements and income tax returns of our companies or our clients.

But, we shouldn’t deprive ourselves of some time to set back and relax.  While you relax, you may want to sing with us a busy season song in the tune of the famous “Do you wanna build a snow man?” popularized by the movie, Frozen. Enjoy!

Gusto mo bang umuwi ng alas nwebe? (Frozen – busy season version)

(In the tune of “Gusto Mo Bang Gumawa ng Taong Nyebe” – Frozen.)



Gusto mo bang umuwi ng alas nwebe?
Alas nwebe ng umaga…
Para lagi kitang nakikita
Mag-FS ka na
Nang di ako nag-iisa

Malapit na ang deadline diba?
Tapos na ba?
Gawin mo na at bilisan
Gusto mo bang umuwi ng alas nwebe?
Di naman saktong alas nwebe..

“Uwi na ako, Anne.”

Okay bye…

Gusto mo bang umuwi ng alas nwebe?
Puro ka lang kasi laro
Marami pa naman ‘kong kasama
Kausap ko pa ibang engagement teams
Medyo ako ay inaantok at naghihikab nakatitig sa aking laptop


Alam kong nahihirapan ka
Mga boss tanong kung tayo’y tapos na
Sabi nila’y wag matutulog
Haggang di tapos, ON ako

Tayong dalawa na lamang
Ikaw at ako
Ano ang gagawin ko?

Gusto mo bang umuwi ng alas nwebe?

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Orlando Calundan is a CPA who has exposures in FS audit of entities in various industries such as real estate, food/restaurants, manufacturing, service organizations and BPOs, automotive, holding/investment companies and more. He also has exposure on internal audit engagements.

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