BIR Form Nos. 1700, 1701 and 1702 now available in eBIRForms

Spending hard times filling up the PDF copy of the new income tax returns (BIR Form No. 1700, 1701, 1702-RT, 1702-EX, 1702-MX)?  Finally, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has uploaded in its website eBIRForms that contains the new and revised annual income tax returns forms.

UPDATE: BIR issued Revenue Regulations No. 6-2014 mandating the use of eBIRForms for all non-eFPS filers also updating the list of the forms within the eBIRForms.

> To go to the Online eBIRForms System click here.

>To download the Offline eBIRForms Package v4.6 (with Annual Income Tax Returns v2013 ENCS) click here.

>To view the complete list of forms available in the eBIRForms package click here.

Posted yesterday in the BIR website an announcement of the availability of the eBIRForms for use in the preparation of the new ITR Forms. The announcement is as follows:

The eBIRFORMS Offline Package v4.1 (w/ Annual Income Tax Returns v2013 ENCS) is now available for downloading in the eBIRForms page for use in the preparation, encoding and filing of the BIR Form Nos. 1700, 1701, 1702-RT, 1702-EX, 1702-MX.  Job Aids are also included for  easy navigation and use of the application tool.  Online submission of Annual Income Tax Returns to eFPS and eBIRForms will be available soon.

The eBIRForms requires to be installed in a computer and this application contains all other latest forms typically used by taxpayers.  The package also include guidelines on how to use the eBIRForms for the convenience and awareness of users.

While others were relieved on the availability of the eBIRForms as a way to accomplish the new ITRs, others are still hoping that the BIR will release an excel copy of the forms preferred by other users since it is a more comfortable work around.

Others have problems in installing the eBIRForms application as they are using workstations without administrative rights.

To download the eBIRForms, go to eBIRForms page in the BIR website or just click the link below.

Dowload Link: eBIRFORMS Offline Package v4.1 (w/ Annual Income Tax Returns v2013 ENCS) 

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67 Responses to "BIR Form Nos. 1700, 1701 and 1702 now available in eBIRForms"

  1. good evening Sir, I filed today, April 15, 2016, our 1701Q for 1st quarter 2016 thru eBIRForms but I haven't paid it yet because of the bank cut-off. Will it be subjected to penalty? Thank you in advance for answering my question

  2. hi sir. im filinfg the 1702-ex. but they are asking for the esubmission proof. the 1702ex are already file online, i have the filing refernce number. i tried to send the forms to esubmission twice but the response was invalid. what went wrong po. what do i need to do and how?

  3. Orlando O. Calundan, CPA thanks for the reply sir. That's what im curious about because im using the offline EBirforms program for 1 of my clients. The bank made him fill up the RDO box because it was apparently left blank. And also for prev forms for Jan and Feb but the bank did not notice it. I told my client i can not continue to the 'Print" task if some details are left blank bec I need to 'validate' and 'save'. That client is somewhat too particular and somewhat irked at my mistake :O

  4. What form ba ang print mo? What version ng software ng e-bir?

    Maybe set the printer properties to default first, then tsaka mo paglaruan.

    Usual problem pag printing is the printer itself. Either the settings are not right for the job or your printer really $U<$ X(.. You can play around with the settings try different things, I dont know anything about your printer settings and printer model so i guess its up to you.
    Wala naman sigurong direct connect yung problem mo sa printer mo sa e-bir software
    (kung sa e-bir nga yan madami rin makakaranas nyan) so i guess printer problem..

  5. Wala nga po print preview kapag sa ebir ako nagpriprint kaya di ko macheck then lahat ng paper type nakadisable talaga yung borderless kapag sa ebir lang naman po

  6. Not all printers allow borderless printing on every paper sizes.. meaning yung iba may borderless printing sa A4 sa iba naman wala.. The paper type (Settings yan) also affects the settings like "Glossy Paper" ba gamit mo or "Plain"
    Nakadepende sa printer yan..

    Check mo yung paper size mo.. You can also select fit to page if your only printing 1 page.. you can try scaled.

    Iba iba kasi bawat printer so yung option na meron sa printer ko may not be available with your printer..

    The trick is to play with the settings.. and understanding it.
    On my printer there is an option to Preview First before printing so you can get the result you want, bago ka pa magsayang ng papel.

  7. Abeljon Rodolfo boss check mo sa page set-up mo.. syempre lagay mo sa setting muna yng paper na gamit mo.. in this case A4, then sa page lay-out mo try changing it..
    Hmm maybe borderless printing, or fit to page (remove margins).

  8. Philippine Accounting Updates ok lng b up to page 11? wala tlagang maview n page 12 but sa form na pinamimigay ng bir meron page 12?

  9. hi! ano ba ang dapat kung gawin sa 1701 form d po ma-open ang Itemized Deductions window para mailagay ko sana yun mga expenses sa page7 , san ko ba dapat ilagay un mga expenses ko kahit ano po ang gawin ko d talaga, pls. help me .

  10. hello po good eve ask ko lang po why hindi namin ma view at ma print yong page 12 ng eBIR form 1701 na na download namin? nong first input namin nkapag print pa kami upto 12pages but nong huli hangang 11pages nlang xa..? Please help po..Thank you:)

  11. Problem printing eBIR offline forms?
    eBIRforms is browser dependent, Internet Explorer dependent.
    Unang-una kung hindi tama ang browser version mo hindi yan mag print.

    Right now for package v4.7.07 ang gamit kong IE version is
    Version: 9.0.8112.16421
    Update Version: 9.0.36
    (How to check: Open IE go to "Help" then About IE)

    If we have the same IE version then you should be fine. If still may problem ka all you have to do is Uninstall your IE then download the latest IE from Microsoft.

    Kung ang problema mo naman ay yung size ng Form (nagpiprint in 2 pages), Check mo preference ng printer mo.. look for the page size, for my printer i choose "Custom" then Paper Size is
    Width: 8.5
    Length: 13
    Syempre need mo din ng ganyang kalaking paper.

    Sa mga walang printer you can download —
    CUTEPDF Software (Suggestion lang Use at your own risk)

    Sya yung gawin mong default printer, pag print mo it will save the document in pdf form pwede mo na lagay sa USB then paprint mo sa labas :D.

    Sa size settings naman pag CUTEPDF gamit mo. Go to print preference then advance setting, or basta look for the Options for changing Paper Size, sa akin kasi pag CutePDF walang custom page size pero merong —

    8.5x13inch yan dapat ang paper mo 😀

    Planning to create an alternative for the software.. Wish me luck and a little kasipagan hehe..

  12. Krystal Jane Bunso Ortega · Edit

    hi! question lng po! bakit ayaw po mprint nun background nun ebirform 1701? ang napprint lng po is yun text, yun mga info na niligay ko lng po.. sa ibang forms nmn po okay eh..

  13. Philippine Accounting Updates na download ko yung ebir form v4.7 . pero yung form is katulad lang din ng dating form. ayaw tanggapin sa bank nung magbabayad ako. ibang form na daw yung tinatanggap nila.

  14. How do I convert an E-BIR form (under the offline package 4.6) to pdf or to any other format so I can send it via e-mail to a client so that he will be the one to print and file it?

  15. good day po. after ko ma-download yung pdf file ng 1701. then kapag inopen ko… ayaw ma-open sa acrobat reader. file corrupted and cannot be fix

  16. For people who are having problems printing the new 1700, 1701, 1702 forms with eBIrForms, go to your Internet Explorer. In the Print->Page Setup settings, set the paper to A4, check 'Enable Shrink to Fit, change the margins to as small as possible (just enter Zero and it will automatically adjust), remove all the headers and footers (set to blank), press Okay to save. Exit Internet Explorer. Go back to eBirForms and run it again.

  17. Good Day Sir, ask ko lng po kung meron pang ibang interactive forms available? kasi po yung offline e-bir forms pag pinrint na po iba yung nagiging output… tpos ung output nung software n yun eh hindi daw po tinatanggap ng BIR?


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