Electronic BIR Forms (eBIRForms) are Now Available

Not so long ago after the release of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Interactive Forms, now, the BIR released the Electronic BIR Forms (eBIRForms). The roll out was made last October 16, 2012. What are eBIR Forms?

The Electronic Bureau of Internal Revenue Forms (eBIRForms) Package is developed primarily to provide taxpayers with accessible and convenient service through easy preparation. eBIRForms is an alternative mode of preparing tax returns that deviates from the conventional manual process of filling up tax returns on pre-printed forms that are highly susceptible to human error. Filling out forms in person, whether it’s a tax form or a simple registration process, can lead to various mistakes or miscommunications, which can often be avoided with help of e-forms. Earlier, many companies used to use SharePoint InfoPath forms because of their easy-to-use nature and many additional features, until Microsoft decided to discontinue it. However, many new and equally efficient replacements can be found (head to https://kwizcom.com/blog/infopath-replacement-for-sharepoint-forms/ or similar webpages to learn more).

Like any other electronic form, eBIRForms allow the taxpayers to accomplish or fill up the forms offline. Taxpayers can directly encode data, validate, edit, save, delete, view and print their tax returns. The package has automatic computations and has the capability to validate information inputted by the taxpayers.
Among others, the benefits of using the eBIRForms are:

 Saves time because of automatic computations and auto-populated fields
 Easy to use
 Lessens human errors because of the validation feature
 Available even to those without consistent internet connection
 Captures taxpayer data

The eBIRForms press release was made first via BIR Monitor, which can be accessed here. The eBIRForms application covers Thirty-one (31) BIR Forms comprised of 3 Income Tax Returns; 5 Excise Tax Forms; 2 VAT Forms; 10 Withholding Tax Forms; 2 Documentary Stamp Tax Forms; 4 Percentage Tax Forms; 4 ONETT Forms and 1 Payment form which are enumerated below. These forms are for use by non-eFPS taxpayers.

To download the eBIRForms Package v1.0 click HERE.

Form No.
Latest Revision DateForm Name
10605July 1999 (ENCS)Payment Form
21600September 2005 (ENCS)Monthly Remittance Return of Value-Added Tax and Other Percentage Taxes Withheld
31600WPSeptember 2005 (ENCS)Monthly Remittance Return of Value-Added Tax and Other Percentage Taxes Withheld
41601-CJuly 2008 (ENCS)Monthly Remittance Return of Income Taxes Withheld on Compensation
51601-EAugust 2008 (ENCS)Monthly Remittance Return of Creditable Income Taxes Withheld (Expanded)
61601-FSeptember 2005 (ENCS)Monthly Remittance Return of Final Income Taxes Withheld
71602August 2001 (ENCS)Monthly Remittance Return of Final Income Taxes Withheld on Interest Paid on Deposits and Yield on Deposits Substitutes/Trusts/Etc.
81603November 2004 (ENCS)Quarterly Remittance Return of Final Income Taxes Withheld on Fringe Benefits Paid to Employees Other than Rank and File
91604-CFJuly 2008 (ENCS)Annual Information Return of Income Taxes Withheld on Compensation and Final Withholding Taxes
100604-EJuly 1999 (ENCS)Annual Information Return of Creditable Income Taxes Withheld (Expanded)/Income Payments Exempt from Withholding Tax
111606July 1999 (ENCS)Withholding Tax Remittance Return For Onerous Transfer of Real Property Other than Capital Asset (Including Taxable and Exempt)
121701QJuly 2008 (ENCS)Quarterly Income Tax Return For Self-Employed Individuals, Estates and Trusts (Including those w/ both Business and Compensation Income)
131702QJuly 2008 (ENCS)Quarterly Income Tax Return For Corporations, Partnerships and Other Non-Individual Taxpayers
141704May 2001Improperly Accumulated Earnings Tax Return
151706July 1999 (ENCS)Capital Gains Tax Return For Onerous Transfer of Real Property Classified as Capital Asset (both Taxable and Exempt)
161707July 1999 (ENCS)Capital Gains Tax Return for Onerous Transfer of Shares of Stock Not Traded Through the Local Stock Exchange
171800July 1999 (ENCS)Donor’s Tax Return
181801July 2003 (ENCS)Estate Tax Return
192000June 2006 (ENCS)Documentary Stamp Tax Declaration/ Return
202000-OTJune 2006 (ENCS)Documentary Stamp Tax Declaration/ Return (One-Time Transactions)
212200AMay 2006 (ENCS)Excise Tax Return for Alcohol Products
222200ANAugust 2003 (ENCS)Excise Tax Return for Automobiles & Non-Essential Goods
232200MSeptember 2005 (ENCS)Excise Tax Return for Mineral Products
242200PSeptember 2005 (ENCS))Excise Tax Return for Petroleum Products
252200TMay 2006 (ENCS)Excise Tax Return for Tobacco Products
262550MFebruary 2007 (ENCS)Monthly Value-Added Tax Declaration
272550QFebruary 2007 (ENCS)Quarterly Value-Added Tax Return
282551MSeptember 2005 (ENCS)Monthly Percentage Tax Return
292551QFebruary 2002 (ENCS)Quarterly Percentage Tax Return
302552July 1999 (ENCS)Percentage Tax Return For Transactions Involving Shares of Stock Listed and Traded Through the Local Stock Exchange or Through Initial and/or Secondary Public Offering
312553July 1999 (ENCS)Return of Percentage Tax Payable Under Special Laws

Where to get the application other than from this website?

Alternatively, you can access the application in the BIR website http://www.bir.gov.ph via the eBIRForms icon. Taxpayers without internet can download the eBIRForms package from the BIR e-lounges at National Office and Revenue District Offices.

What operating system is required to use the eBIRForms?

Your computer must have at least Windows 2000 to install and use the application, if you need help solving this look at you local IT Support Services. Of course, higher OS versions like Windows XP/Vista/7 can better run the application. You mus also have at least 50 free space and runs best on 2GB or higher Active X components via Internet Explorer version 8 or higher and best veiwed in 1152 x 864 screen resolution.

What is the print size and layout?

eBIRForms must be printed on folio-size bond paper (8.5″ x 13″), portrait orientation/layout with page set up margins of: Left – 0.146, Right – 0.148, Top – 0.14 and Bottom – 0.14 inches.

The eBIRForms Package is Phase 2 of the project “Provision of Solution for the use of Interactive Forms for Filing of Tax Returns”. Phase 1 of the project produced BIR Form Nos. 1700, 1701 and 1702 in interactive format for use by all taxpayers starting March 15, 2012.

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