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Timestamp Full Name PhilCPA.Org Email
11/2/2013 4:26 Calundan, Orlando Ortaliza
11/2/2013 22:31 Rivera, Veronica, Ong
11/3/2013 6:15 Lafable, Efinito
11/3/2013 7:06 Raz, Joel Madrazo
11/3/2013 7:21 Sualog, Christian Rey, Dumalaog
11/3/2013 7:38 Llacuna, Danieval, Tabang
11/3/2013 8:00 Irasusta, Noemi, Mendoza
11/3/2013 8:10 Umale, Cristobal, Cantara
11/3/2013 8:17 Alviar, Criselda, Dalupan
11/3/2013 8:18 Tañazana, Nellieden, Sevial
11/3/2013 8:21 Cabugayan, Mark Jerome Palacay
11/3/2013 8:25 Caday, Jay, Vargas
11/3/2013 9:53 Vasquez, Judy R
11/3/2013 10:38 Sto Tomas, Bay Ariel, Nazareno
11/3/2013 10:41 Lopez, Aldren L.
11/3/2013 10:50 Uy, Carlos Jr., Quicho
11/3/2013 11:22 Esquibel, Marivic, Inocencio
11/3/2013 11:57 Gentuya, Jessryl Gerazol
11/3/2013 11:58 Flores, Jamie Marie, dela Fuente
11/3/2013 11:59 Yumul, Ralfh Ryan, Santos
11/3/2013 12:41 Kathleen Perang
11/3/2013 12:51 Patulot, Christian Neil Maravilla
11/3/2013 12:51 Arriola, Brix Refil
11/3/2013 13:06 Agbayani, Reynaldo, Calixto
11/3/2013 13:16 Maquilan Lilibeth Dy
11/3/2013 13:24 Chiucinco, Jay, Dellosa
11/3/2013 13:29 Acoba, Jonnel, Sadian
11/3/2013 13:43 Haulo, Oilie S.
11/3/2013 13:46 Liu, Christine Yu
11/3/2013 14:16 Austria, Cherrie, Maranan
11/3/2013 14:36 Loyola, Marina, Poblete
11/3/2013 14:55 Yu, Jovelyn Que
11/3/2013 15:01 Pinto, Carlo Leuterio
11/3/2013 15:02 Mario G. Manzano Jr
11/3/2013 15:15 Vito, Mark Roderick Mirasol
11/3/2013 15:28 Gonzales, Melany, Rey
11/3/2013 15:37 Esdrelon, Arlette, Daleon
11/3/2013 16:00 Marquez,Nadia Abarca
11/3/2013 16:27 Tupas, Stvenson George, Trecho
11/3/2013 17:01 Ocampo, Rhonald, Sarenas
11/3/2013 17:32 Carlos, Melanie, Justo
11/3/2013 17:46 Hernando, Harnel, Zurbito
11/3/2013 17:52 Sanorjo, Karla Rochelle Blancaflor
11/3/2013 17:56 Torres, Sherwin, Largosa
11/3/2013 20:07 Dimacutac, Cary, Salde

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Orlando Calundan is a CPA who has exposures in FS audit of entities in various industries such as real estate, food/restaurants, manufacturing, service organizations and BPOs, automotive, holding/investment companies and more. He also has exposure on internal audit engagements.

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