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1. One step in the systems development life cycle (SDLC) identifies the requirements users would like to see in the new system. This step is called
2. When goods are being ordered from a vendor, which electronic files are either read or updated?
3. There are three basic activities in the expenditure cycle. One of the basic activities is the receiving and storage of goods, supplies, and services. What is the counterpart of this activity in the revenue cycle?
4. When two knowledgeable people acting independently each produce the same information, this information is said to be
5. Verifying the identity of the person or device attempting to access the system is
6. This determines if all required data items have been entered.
7. During the sales order entry process, a ________ is performed to compare the quantity ordered with the standard amounts normally ordered.
8. To be effective, password must satisfy a number of requirements such as
9. One of the preventive controls in a computerized environment is authentication controls.  Users can be authenticated by verifying the following except:
10. Which area provides information to the system about hiring, terminations, and pay rate changes?
11. Which of the following is an example of a detective control?
12. Data must be collected about three facets of each business activity. What are they?
13. The person responsible for the database is the
14. A student manually prepares a homework assignment and then turns it in to her teacher. Which one of the following diagrams represents this activity?
15. The maximum allowable account balance for a given customer is called the
16. All transaction cycles feed information directly into the
17. Separating the logical and physical views in a database allows the programmers to concentrate on coding the application logic
18. An accounting information system in part consists of
19. The benefit produced by the information minus the cost of producing it.
20. Transaction cycles can be summarized on a high level as "give-get" transactions. An example of "give-get" in the expenditure cycle would be

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