New Income Tax Forms 2014 (1700, 1701, 1702, June 2013 versions)

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) issued Revenue Regulations 2-2014 on February 4, 2014. These revenue regulations are issued to prescribe the new BIR forms that will be used for income tax returns (ITRs) filing covering and starting the taxable year ended December 31, 2013.


New BIR Forms

Following are the new BIR Forms:

1. BIR Form 1700 version June 2013 (Annual Income Tax Return for Individuals Earning Purely Compensation Income)

2. BIR Form 1701 version June 2013 (Annual Income Tax Return for Self-Employed Individuals, Estates and Trusts)

3. BIR Form 1702-RT version June 2013 (annual income tax returns for corporations, partnerships and other non-individual taxpayers SUBJECT ONLY to the REGULAR income tax rate)

4. BIR Form 1702-EX version June 2013 (annual income tax returns for USE ONLY by corporations, partnerships and other non-individual taxpayers EXEMPT under the tax code, as amended, (Sec 30 and those exempted in Sec 27(C) and other Special Laws, with NO other taxable income)

5. BIR Form 1702-MX version June 2013 (annual income tax return for corporations, partnerships and other non-individuals with Mixed Income subject to multiple income tax rates or with income subject to special/preferential rate)

While the BIR forms were just revised in 2011, the BIR has again revised these reflecting the changes stated above.


You can download these updated forms using the links below:

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  1. CK Gajunia says:

    Would like to clarify, is the supplemental info (Schedule 12) a mandatory part of the 1701 now? If I remember it correctly, that was mandatory last year, only it was suspended.

  2. Hi,

    If I remember it right, that was deferred last year but was intended to be effective this year. In our opinion, unless there is a directive to defer it again, it is effective and mandatory this year. I guess it would help to confirm this with the BIR.

  3. Hi, check this link for updates.

    It's suspended again for this year. This just came in. 🙂

  4. Norlany Dilla Fernandez says:

    HI Sir, ask ko lang po need poba magsubmit ng 1700 ang employer?

  5. Pag employer usually 1701 or 1702 pinafile depending if sole proprietor ba or partnership or corporation.

  6. Good Day Sir, ask ko lng po kung meron pang ibang interactive forms available? kasi po yung offline e-bir forms pag pinrint na po iba yung nagiging output… tpos ung output nung software n yun eh hindi daw po tinatanggap ng BIR?

  7. hi sir i just want to ask the rate for 1702Q for non vat. i am engage in lending business?

  8. Hi Kristine! By saying 1702 you mean you represent a corporation. Then the tax rate should be 30% applied on the taxable income.

  9. Philippine Accounting Updates yup it is a corporation. how about the expenses incurred before the issuance of cor is it possible if we include it in the report for expenses…for example the expenses incurred for the processing of the docs…

  10. hi sir how do you print or fill up 1701 annual income tax return for taxpayers with no income for the whole year

  11. Isaiah Olaso Vargas says:

    good morning sir how do i get copy of itr result of 2014?need ko po sana makakuha dito sa online and print ko nalang po,rizal pa po kc ako me sir.Thank you.

  12. Ramie Bawel says:

    Ask q po, lost po ung aking tin..paano po Ang gagawin q?

  13. good morning po. ang isang born october 1992 ay pwede pa po bang isama as dependent sa itr for 2014?

  14. Yung mga less than 8 years old lang po, not gainfully employed at dependent po sa inyo for chief support… and dapat po anak nyo po…

  15. Alam nyo po ba san kayo last naregister na RDO? Pwede nyo po itanong dun sa RDO na yun.. Or sa last company nyo po, may record po sila nun..

  16. Pag ITR po kayo po nagfifile nun pag self-employed. Pag employed naman po, sa employer nyo po kayo pwede kumuha. Ang employer nyo po dapat nag-issue sila sa inyo at least po last January 31, 2015 for the 2014 ITR po..

  17. Just fill it up po without the income details, kasi wala naman po kayo ilalagay talaga. Then file it..

  18. Hi good morning, where i can find free bir & accounting updates or seminars.

  19. san po ba makakadownload ng 1702 na may ensc


  21. hi! ask ko lang po how anong form ang usually ginagamit para sa commercial building?

  22. Kristine Camille Queyquep

  23. sir may download na po ako pero pagdating sa RDO di po magopen at may lumalabas po na error (no Path found)

  24. Sir, hello, ask lng po ako, nadownload ko na po ang form 1701 at naesave sa usb,fil apan ko na sana ang form kaso sir hindi maedit ang data, may payment po ako, tanx.

  25. e-BIRForms na po ngayon gagamitin.

  26. Depende po sa taxpayer na registered if individual, partnership or corp..

  27. Orlando O. Calundan, CPA Sir… I am confused which form to use… I have a registered home based business and I just got employed. For Q1 shoul I still be using 1701Q. Can't seemed to find the appropriate form

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